Property Ombudsman – Codes of Practice

This Code of Practice is mandatory for all Property Ombudsman (TPO) Members who are entitled to display the above TPO and ‘Approved Code’ logos and who engage in estate agency work in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Copies of this Code of Practice and the TPO Consumer Guide should be made available to consumers. You should prominently display the logos in the window of all your offices, your website(s), your letterheads (including emails and other digital communications) and your marketing material.

This Code comprises of two elements:

• Best Practice – standards set above the minimum level required by law.
• Legal Obligations – standards set by law.

TPO Members are expected to conduct their business practices in-line with both elements of the Code, as such, the Code intentionally does not differentiate between the two elements. In line with the Ombudsman·s Terms of Reference, TPO can consider complaints raised by consumers against TPO Members against these obligations.

Note: TPO is not authorised to take enforcement action or make decisions on potential breaches of legislation. Where potential breaches or criminal activity is found by TPO, we will report the matter to the appropriate authority. Local Trading Standards [and/or appointed lead enforcement authority! are responsible for enforcement of legislation and regulations. The Courts are empowered to determine whether legal obligations have been met. References made to legislation and regulations within this Code are made for information and education purposes.

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